By Barnabas Odeyomi

He’s down to earth, loves jazz, was introduced to biophysics through “Fringe,” and every now and then plays video games. He learned about parabolas playing Halo 3 and says the game was a critical part of his development. He plays basketball and can dunk, but you won’t hear that from him.

What’s more is that this upcoming fall he will be contributing to biophysics research in Cambridge as a Chemistry graduate student, thanks to the Marshall Scholarship. Quenton Bubb is a Biophysics major of the Hopkins class of 2016, graduating a semester early, and on the MD/ PHD track.  He was awarded the United Negro College Fund / Merck (UNCF/Merck) Scholarship his junior year and the Marshall Scholarship his senior year, resulting from his contribution to research that seeks to understand the process of protein folding – a process that is relevant to diseases such as ALS(Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes and Creutzfeldt-Jakob’s disease.

By Hayley Dott

It is a blustery and bleak day outside Clark Hall at Johns Hopkins University, but inside, students are working on something big and bright on the horizon. Under the fluorescents of one classroom ceiling students are 3-D printing, programming, soldering things together; it is a symphony of movement in the orchestra of prostheses, artificial limbs for amputees. The soldering iron hums, the solder sizzles and the printer buzzes all in perfect harmony. This complex rhythm is the coming together of research into a sensor database that will lead to new, unprecedented technology in prosthetic devices. In this lab, the students hope to meld technological data with brain signals in prosthetic machinery, like no one has ever done before.  

By Barnabas Odeyomi

Class of 2015 graduate Demi Obayomi is one of the founders of A-level Capital, a venture capital startup with a team of over 60 members. This team includes co-founders Elizabeth Galbut and Corey Li, as well as a student team of over 15 members and a highly qualified group of about 40 mentors and 10 advisors. In this interview Obayomi talks about lessons he learned from his first entrepreneurial venture as the co-founder of Jama Cocoa and how it served as motivation for starting A-level Capital. He discusses the crucial support necessary to starting A-level Capital, its implication for undergraduate entrepreneurship, and an overview of business details. 

By Dana Schulman
Imagine if someone told you that you are worthless, that you are ugly, that no one will ever love you. Now imagine that person is your partner. For 1 in 3 women this will be a reality at some point in their life. Dr. Nancy Glass and her team of researchers at The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing are looking to change the lives of women living this painful reality with an app.